Winter Park Wedding

When Lisa and Dusty scheduled their Winter Park wedding for late June they were concerned about rain but they never expected snow; and that’s exactly what happened! Luckily, the snow was brief with only a few flurries. Lisa was still able to ride the ski lift up with her father to make a grand entrance to their ceremony at the top of the mountain.  All of the guests were able to party into the night while surrounded by an absolutely beautiful setting. Lisa and Dusty are a fun couple (you may remember from their candy shop engagement shoot) and their enthusiastic personalities were conveyed in details throughout their wedding, from the cake topper shaped like Minions from the Disney movie Despicable Me, to their ring BEAR-er, to their energetic first dance that lit up the faces of their guests. This Winter Park wedding was a ton of fun.  See for yourself in some of the pictures below or click here to view their full wedding gallery. _X7A3408 _X7A3210 _X7A3089 2G2B0046 2G2B1278 _X7A3638 _X7A3160 _MG_3824 _X7A3779 _X7A3295 _X7A3352 _MG_3989 _X7A3886-2 _MG_4295 _X7A3868 _X7A4146-2 2G2B0071