The First Look- Is it right for you?

Pros and cons to sharing a first look on your wedding day

It’s a relatively new wedding tradition here in Colorado: sharing a private moment with your fiancé right before the ceremony and seizing an opportunity to capture some beautiful wedding photos. But is a First Look right for your wedding? Only you can decide…

Pros: Why you should consider a First Look before the ceremony

  1. The Calm Before the Storm – A First Look will afford you some quiet time as a couple before the _X7A3089ceremony. Do you wish to exchange precious words or gifts in private before your guests arrive? TheFirst Look is a great time to do just that. The First Look is also an ideal time to capture a unique tone between the two of you moments before you take the biggest step of your lives.
  2. More Time with Guests – Doing a First Look creates a great opportunity to complete portraits before the whirlwind of the ceremony and reception. Is being present at your wedding and spending time with loved ones at the top of your list? Getting some portraits taken care of during a First Look (instead of during cocktail hour) will give you more time to spend with guests.
  3. Relax & Take it Slow –You may also feel more relaxed during a pre-wedding photo shoot, since you can budget as much time as you wish. This is important since being relaxed makes for better pictures.

Cons: Why a First Look Might Not Be a Perfect Fit

While a First Look is right for some, there are a quite a few reasons you might decide against it.

  1. Saving Yourself for the Ceremony – If you’re deeply excited by the prospect of locking eyes with your beloved for the first time as you walk down the aisle, then a First Look is not for you. Some couples wedding-grooms-reactionfind the idea of a First Look unappealing, because it can undermine that grand, traditional entrance during the ceremony. If you’re excited about your groom seeing your dress for the first time in front of all your guests, then a First Look is definitely not the way to go!Finally, many couples want to have that private time together after the ceremony. It can be enjoyable to take a breath after the ‘I do’s’ and allow the photographer captures those first flushed moments of your marriage.
  2. Party with Your Bridal Party – Shooting portraits after the ceremony can lead to a fun and meaningful time for you and your bridal party. You’d be surprised how many groomsmen and bridesmaids appreciate that special feeling of being a part of the couple’s exclusive entourage. Stepping away from the crowd with your chosen few highlights how important these individuals are to you. And if you’re traveling to a destination (like a park or landmark), you’ll have more time to party in the limo with your nearest and dearest as you make your way to the photo shoot.

Create Your Own Twist

If you’re still on the fence, consider that a First Look doesn’t have to be between you and your significant other. You could elect to do a First Look with another special man in your life: your dad! Set aside time for your father (or stepfather, uncle, or brother) to enter the room and see you in your wedding gown for the first time. This is a unique way to honor him and has the opportunity to create lasting memories. Most dads will savor this moment forever.

A Word to the Wise

Remember: there’s no right or wrong. This is about figuring out what’s best for you, and finding a support system to help you achieve your goals – including a wedding photographer who embraces your decisions!

No matter how you choose to do your First Look, Elati Wedding Photography is passionate about capturing this once-in-a-lifetime moment. We’re always happy to discuss options with you. Contact us to schedule a free consultation. We’re currently accepting bookings for the upcoming wedding season.