Styles of Wedding Photography

The basics of wedding photography

If you’re unsure what style of wedding photography you favor (or even had no idea there were different styles of wedding photography!) here are descriptions that define several types of wedding photography to help you determine which one you favor.

Traditional style of wedding photography

Traditional photography is great for producing photos like this.

Traditional Photography

The goal of traditional wedding photography is to create classically timeless photos. To achieve this, a structured style of photography is employed.  The photographer will often use a shot list and provide direction to pose the bride and groom when going through each of those shots.  Time will be spent adjusting the subject’s posture and also the surroundings to ensure details are in place before the picture is set.

Wedding Photojournalism

Photojournalism style of wedding photography

Wedding photojournalism allows you to capture candid moments like this.

In many ways, wedding photojournalism is the opposite of traditional wedding photography.  Instead of a set regiment of photos, this style is better suited for capturing action on the go with an emphasis on candid moments of emotion. This is done through a “hands-off” approach where many photojournalists will prefer minimal interaction with couples or guests. This is a good style for brides and grooms who want to spend more time with their guests and less time posing for portraits.

Fine Art Portraiture

Fine art portraiture is distinctive in style and attention to detail.  A good fine art photographer is one who thinks outside the box and creates unique portraits.  The end product will be envisioned long before the picture is posed.  Successfully carried out, fine art portraiture requires planning and prep work, making it ideal for studio shoots.

The goal is to create a mood, causing the photo to often appear edgy or even mysterious and surreal.  This style is fun for referencing a couple’s personality, their likes or for remarking on family history in general.  This is especially appealing when there’s a desire to relay a message to the viewer, making fine art portraiture both representational and stylized.

High Fashion Photography

As the name implies, if you’re into couture and are planning on wearing a stunningly dramatic dress, then you may want to consider hiring a fashion wedding photographer.  However, you might be surprised to hear that fashion photography isn’t about the clothing.  It’s about the message being portrayed about the subject by the photographer; it’s about a mood or lifestyle.  As you can imagine, this is a provocative style of wedding photography and certainly not for all brides.

Fashion photography uses dramatic lighting techniques and posing to create striking images, making this style ideal for studio shoots but also possible on location.

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