Red Rocks Sunrise Wedding

When Josette walked down the aisle of the Chapel at Red Rocks, the sun was just breaking over the horizon and beginning to shed light onto the massive, 300-foot sandstone boulders that define Red Rocks just beyond the altar.  It was a beautiful setting for pictures and at a great time in the day.  Josette and Steven invited a small group of their closest family and friends for an intimate ceremony.  Their wedding showcased their love for God as well as some of Josette’s Filipino customs.

After the ceremony, we headed outside where the light was perfect for photos.  Here are some of the pictures below of their wedding at Red Rocks.  To view the complete gallery of Josette and Steven’s wedding, click here.

Red_Rocks_Wedding_Photography-4584 Red_Rocks_Wedding_Photography-2497

Red_Rocks_Wedding_Photography-4766 Red_Rocks_Wedding_Photography-2369 Red_Rocks_Wedding_Photography-2 Red_Rocks_Wedding_Photography-2699 Red_Rocks_Wedding_Photography-5192Red_Rocks_Wedding_Photography-4808 Red_Rocks_Wedding_Photography-4868 Red_Rocks_Wedding_Photography--4 Red_Rocks_Wedding_Photography--3 Red_Rocks_Wedding_Photography--2