Photos with Your Groom You Don’t Want to Miss

Let’s face it, not all wedding photos are created equal. If you want to make yours unique and breathtaking, you have to add some fun and creativity to it. Perhaps you already know the checklist of the traditional must-have shots, such as getting ready, the ceremony, the reception, the cake table, and the wedding party dancing. There’s more to it than that, though.

You won’t take a look at your wedding album only once, which is why you have to make it worth sharing to your family and friends. When it comes to deciding what moments to capture on your big day, the possibilities really are endless

Having a Tender Forehead Kiss

Having a picture of your groom giving you a tender kiss on the forehead can make your wedding day extra special. This gesture is sweet and innocent, not to mention a symbol of respect and unconditional love. An image of forehead kiss indicates that you feel safe in the hands of your partner. Your guests will love this photo as much as you do.

Enjoying the Beauty of the Season

Another moment to photograph is when you and your groom are enjoying the season. For instance, an image of lying down on ground covered with autumn leaves or a photo of walking in a park surrounded by snow dusted-trees.

Embracing inside the Getaway Car

Before the great escape, you and your husband should have romantic photos riding the getaway car. Whether it’s a decorated golf cart, a vintage sports car or a pickup truck, make an unforgettable exit by having a picture of you embracing your groom. No doubt, this is one of the moments you will not want to miss.

It’s time to break tradition and keep these must-take photos in mind. Here at Elati Wedding Photography, we can make your special day packed with precious moments. Provide us a checklist and we will capture the right moments the way you have imagined them.

We have the expertise to help you achieve stunning and dreamlike images you will surely love. Contact us today for a more detailed information about the services we offer.