Lindsay & Cole’s Wedding

A beautiful wedding film in Madison, Wisconsin

Lindsay and Cole live in Colorado but on their wedding day, went back to their roots in Madison, Wisconsin to host a loving gathering of smiling family and friends.

Their ceremony and reception took place at the historic Edgewater Hotel. The Edgewater was an excellent choice because Lindsay and Cole were able to declare their vows while overlooking Lake Mendota. It was a beautiful setting.

After 13 years together, Lindsay and Cole have built a strong foundation for their marriage. They first met in high school. Their attraction was immediate and their relationship quickly evolved from friendship to love. Though weddings can be fast-paced and even hectic at times, the bride and groom always appeared comfortable, naturally at ease, when in each other’s presence. It is wonderful to see two people derive so much confidence from each other’s love.

Down at the Edgewater’s promenade, the brass quintet began to play. Cole and his parents made their way down the aisle, escorting Lindsay’s second love, their pet dog Mogley. Lindsay captured everyone’s eye as she made a memorable entrance on the steps of the Edgewater wearing an elegant dress (watch the opening of their wedding film to see a remarkable timelapse of Lindsay’s dress as the sun comes up over the lake). Her hair was set in a beautifully classic style and just the right touch to bring focus to her radiant smile. It was a sweet ceremony.

After the ceremony, a bright red trolley rolled up and the bridal party quickly loaded in. They filled the trolley with laughter and loud cheers of joy as they made their way to the Wisconsin Capitol for some fun-filled footage. View their film to see Cole’s smile light up as his wife kisses him on the steps of the Capitol.

Lindsay and Cole then made their way back to the lake and just when the scene couldn’t get any more beautiful, the sun began to set over the water. The sunset was stunning as you’ll see in the timelapse of their wedding film.

After the sunset, it was off to the reception to enjoy their signature drink, the Madison Mule, and lots of dancing.

It was a day full of fun. The only regret guest could have was that the wedding day went by too fast. On the bright side, Lindsay and Cole now have the rest of their lives to spend together.