How to Look Your Best in Your Wedding Photos

Tips from a wedding photographer

Your wedding photos will serve as a reminder of one the happiest days of your life. Your friends and family will all take joy in them and over the years you’ll turn to them time and again to elicit memories of your wedding day. It’s important to look your best. Denver wedding photographer, K. Joseph Mohatt provides tips on how to present the best version of you when facing the camera.

Picture Perfect Posture

Good posture makes a remarkable difference in the way you look in photographs. You might be nervous or tired, especially towards the end of the day, but try to keep your back straight, flex your stomach muscles and relax your shoulders. Bring your forehead forward with a slight stretch of your neck. This will add more definition to your face by separating your chin from the rest of your body. Try to keep your body at an angle to the camera, as this can be more flattering than photos that are taken from directly in front of you.

Arms can appear bigger when pressed next to the body. For a more flattering pose, bend your elbow and place one hand on your hip to leave a little space between your upper arms and your body. Don’t be afraid to practice few poses in front of a mirror.

Bring your forehead forward with a slight stretch of your neck. This will add more definition to your face by separating your chin from your body.

Reduce Stress: Be prepared

The aim of being organized is to help you relax. Being prepared and planning out the details well before your wedding will alleviate any stress in the hours leading up to it. For example, make sure you’ve had your hair and make up practice session so you’ll know how you’ll look on the day.

Many brides prefer making lists so they don’t forget an element of the planning. Whatever your method is for organization, the important thing is to try not to be in a position where you’re still sorting out the last-minute changes like completing the seating plan the day before the marriage. The stress of the situation will show on your face.

If you’re relaxed and not worrying, you’ll enjoy your wedding more and this will shine through in the photographs. Even if your day doesn’t go exactly to plan, it’s important to let go and not get caught up in the little details. If you focus on enjoying every moment of the day, not only will you create better memories but your happiness will glow on your face.

A Healthy You is A Joyous You

Many brides and grooms try to lose a few pounds before the big day. We’re not going to advise you on weight loss but it is worth mentioning that getting a little exercise and having a healthy diet in the months before your wedding will reflect in your skin, body tone and energy levels.

On the ‘Eve

If you want to reduce the chances of waking up on the morning of your wedding with unsightly spots, there are a few things you can avoid the night before. Don’t eat anything too adventurous, or food you know may disagree with you. If you have a rehearsal dinner planned for the night before, try to choose meal options you know you can eat. It might not be the best time to try that exciting-sounding shellfish starter!

Avoid too much alcohol! Yes, the rehearsal dinner is a great time to catch up with family and friends but don’t over do it. A glass or two of wine with your meal the evening before the big day helps many couples relax into the party mood, however, be wary of partying too hard (just yet at least). There will be plenty of opportunity for drinks at the wedding.

With all the excitement in the air, remember to get some rest. A good night’s sleep will work wonders for your energy, your mood and your skin.

Choosing you bridal gown

You probably know what suits you, but here are a few tips to help you choose the most flattering wedding dress for your body shape. An A-line shape suits everybody and an empire line will hide big hips and tummies. You can show off your curves with a mermaid style, or opt for detail on the waist if you’d like to create curves.

Most brides don’t realize it but choosing the right wedding undergarments is more important that your shoes. This is because it can help flatter the fit, especially if you choose undergarments with added support. Some brides even purchase their bra before the dress so they can wear it to the fitting to know they’ve got the fit just right.

Make sure that you book any adjustments for as close to the day as possible, but leaving enough time to ensure you’ll get a last fitting. This will help you get the best fit on the day. If you’re in any doubt about how long adjustments will take, your dress supplier should be able to advise you.


A good photographer will naturally put you at ease and get the most flattering images possible. For a look at some beautiful examples of wedding photos, check out our portfolio.  Contact us to book photography for your wedding day.