Hanna & Joel’s Wedding

Hanna Kim and Joel Huerta married on September 16, 2017 at a uniquely intimate setting in Denver. Their wedding venue was a repurposed warehouse converted into a multi-use space comprised of shipping containers and a lot of character. The venue even included a wooden swing, laced with leaves down the ropes that dangled from the high ceiling, which was perfect for the fun-loving bride to swing from while laughing through the speeches.

Instead of numerous round tables separating small groups of guests, three long tables allowed large groups of guests to gather together and share each other’s fun and laughter.

But clearly nobody could’ve been happier on this wedding day than Hanna and Joel. Hanna’s smile was constant throughout the evening and lit up the faces of those around her. Just look at this photos below.




Their Jewish-Korean wedding was full of stunning moments to photograph. The wedding combined a mix of traditions from the signing of the ketubah, to the traditional Korean paebaek ceremony.

Here’s two great pictures of Hanna and Joel signing the ketubah, surrounded by their closest loved ones just before the ceremony. This first photo in particular is a favorite of the night because it shows one the most intimate moments throughout the wedding. Although they are surrounded by people, the affectionate look that Joel and Hanna give one another -as if no one is around- captures their shared realization that this is the final moment before they tie the knot.Joel_Huerta_Hanna_Kim_Elati_Wedding_Photography-6378


For the Paebaek ceremony, first, Joel and Hanna changed into brightly colored traditional Korean hanboks. Then, with their parents seated across from them, Joel and Hanna went into a deep bow that brought them to their knees with their foreheads pressed against the floor.


After receiving an offering of tea from the couple, each parent then declared their hopes and wishes for the bride and groom just before tossing jujubes to them. In Korean tradition, the jujubes signify children. The more jujubes Hanna and Joel catch, the better fertility they will have. This was an extremely fun moment for everyone and brought smiles and bursts of laughter each time the couple extended the cloth to catch more jujubes and ensure their fertility. The fun of the ceremony continued as Joel then hoisted Hanna onto his back and demonstrated his strength by carrying her around the table in an indication of his ability to take care of his wife.



Beyond the fun events inside the wedding, we stepped outside and happened to come upon a group of graffiti artists who were in the process of painting a giant mural across the outside wall of this once warehouse. This freshly painted mural made for an amazing setting with it’s brilliant colors that just happened to match the bride’s bouquet and hat perfectly! Check out this radiant shot of Hanna in front of the vibrant mural.


Here’s another great shot of the couple in front of the mural.

Overall, Hanna and Joel’s wedding was an outstanding opportunity to capture many beautiful, fun and moving photographs. More pictures to come…



Joel_Huerta_Hanna_Kim_Elati_Wedding_Photography-7199Joel_Huerta_Hanna_Kim_Elati_Wedding_Photography-7908 Joel_Huerta_Hanna_Kim_Elati_Wedding_Photography-7646 Joel_Huerta_Hanna_Kim_Elati_Wedding_Photography-7345 Joel_Huerta_Hanna_Kim_Elati_Wedding_Photography-6473 Joel_Huerta_Hanna_Kim_Elati_Wedding_Photography-2245