Fun Couple in a Candy Shop: Engagement Pictures

We had a great time with Lisa and Dusty during their engagement shoot.  We started out at Rocket Fizz Candy Shop in Denver where we got some uniquely fun shots (to say the least).  Then, even though it was only seven degrees outside, Dusty and Lisa were great sports as they continued on to Commons Park for a little sleigh riding.

You can certainly tell from the pictures that Lisa and Dusty are a fun couple.  Click here to view the full gallery.

Elati Engagement Pictures in Denver



Fun Candy Shop Engagement Pictures

This candy shop in downtown Denver was perfect for an engagement shoot since is was full of fun props like this Crush soda to add some fun to the pictures.


Unique Engagement Pictures Ideas

Here’s a unique idea for an engagement picture. Have him hold a candy ring for his proposal! Then see if she says “yes”…

Fun Engagement Pictures in Denver

Such a fun and unique idea for an engagement picture at a candy shop in Denver, Colorado.

Get to Know the Couple

We interviewed Lisa and Dusty to find out a little more about what makes their relationship so fun!

Elati: How long have you been dating?Wedding Engagment Photos

L & D: Six and a half years.


Elati: When and where will you be getting married?

L & D: We are getting married at the Lodge at Sunspot, which is at the top of the mountain at Winter Park Resort.


Beautiful Engagement Photos in Denver

Dusty and Lisa had a fun and unique idea to sledding in Commons Park in Denver for their engagement photos.

Elati:  Why did you decide on this time and location?

L & D: We will be exchanging vows on June 14, which will actually be the exact day we started dating seven years before. So, that date is extra special for us. Even though we are both from St. Louis, we have really taken to Colorado and the mountains since moving here. We wanted a romantic spot in the mountains to get married. So, when we found out that Winter Park was open and that our friends and family (most of which will be coming from out of town) could all stay in the village very close to each other, we thought it would make the weekend even more special. We love to hike together and enjoy the scenery and hope our guests will as well!


Elati: What excites you most about your wedding?Engagement at millennium bridge denver

L & D: Having everyone we love with us. We are excited for the happiness that will be during that weekend.


Elati: Tell us a little of how you met.

L & D: We met in high school at a football game. We had mutual friends, so we kind of just started hanging out. We were friends for a little less than a year. Dusty asked me out. Our first date was to see Shrek 3 at the movie theater. That’s pretty perfect considering we absolutely LOVE watching movies together. So, we started dating a couple months before Dusty went off to college. Then, we made it through 4 long years doing long distance in college -Lisa, at Notre Dame, and Dusty at St. Louis University.


Elati: Lisa, can you describe the moment you first realized you wanted to spend the rest of your life with Dusty?

Lisa: I think I realized only six months after we started dating. We made it through the “getting to know one another” stage and finally became comfortable being ourselves. Although we were still figuring out who we wanted to be, I knew deep down that we shared the same life goals and morals. I found someone who was just as silly as me. Yet, we would have looooong conversations about life. He supports me and challenges me. The perfect duo!

Fun pictures of engaged coupleElati: Dusty, can you describe the moment you first realized you wanted to spend the rest of your life with Lisa?

Dusty: I’m not too sure exactly when I knew for sure that I was going to marry Lisa, but I do know that I had a

plan for how to propose after just a few months. Lisa and I were very natural friends immediately, and our love just continued to grow as we journeyed through college together. Because we were so young when we began our relationship, I thought for a long time that marriage was sort of this mythical thing that old people do. I believe, for that reason, I don’t have that simple moment where I realized that we were going to get married. But, every single day for the past seven years, I have gotten more and more excited to spend the rest of my life with her.


Elati: What is your favorite place to go together?

L & D: We love to go to mountain towns and explore together. We celebrated our engagement weekend in Crested Butte, we love going to Breckenridge, we loved Hanging Lake and we absolutely adore Estes Park.


Elati: You can sometimes tell a lot by a couple’s refrigerator.  What are 5 things you always have in the fridge?

L & D: Beer, cheese, orange juice, applesauce, & balsamic.


Elati: Will this change once you’re married?Best Engagement Photographers in Denver

It probably won’t change ever! (until we have little babies running around!) Although, come to think of it, the applesauce will be great!


Elati: Tell us something about your relationship that your friends don’t already know.

L & D: We love singing old school church hymns together at the top of our lungs. We dream of opening our own coffee/art/wellness shop together. We want to adopt 2 puppies in the next few years. One will be a mini Aussie named Nellie (after Lisa’s childhood dog Ellie and the rapper Nelly from our home town) and a husky!

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