Candid Pictures

Good photographers capture pretty scenes. Great photographers capture emotion.

Great wedding photography is about candid, intimate and genuine moments.  Relax and have fun on your wedding. We’ll make sure to capture the details, moments and emotion of the day as it occurs.

Weddings are filled with emotion and excitement. There are few instances in your life where you will bring together such a large grouping of family and friends. This special, one-time life event is opportune for laughter, tears of joy and smiles of happiness.

In wedding photography nothing is more powerful than seeing the peaks of emotion on the faces of your loved ones.

Here are a few pictures of special weddings moments that we’ve photographed.   These pictures are all of genuine, unposed interactions.  Our photojournalists have experience anticipating special moments before they happen.  That is how we go beyond good pictures and create great pictures.

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