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Photography & Videography Prices by Collection

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We offer photography and videography services for your wedding.   See the information below for details on our various collections and contact us today to discuss the best options for you and your wedding.


The Encore Collection

The Encore Collection provides our most extensive coverage of your wedding day.  This dynamic compilation includes a complete wedding film and  your most stunning photos in a high-quality Epoca album designed specifically for you.

We will produce a video that captures the story of your wedding day and who you are as a couple.  We film the moments before the ceremony as you prepare with your closest friends. We use this time as a great opportunity for you to step aside, away from the busyness of the day and record the honest and candid thoughts you’re feeling minutes before taking the biggest step of your life. This moment is the greatest gift you can give to your spouse and will greatly increase in value as your relation­ship progresses over the years. From there, we will film throughout the ceremony and on into all of the important moments of the reception.

After your wedding is complete, you will have a professionally edited video –synced to music that fits your style and personality— to view and cherish for the remainder of your lives.

In addition to video coverage, we provide complete, full-day photographic coverage of your wedding.  This makes the Encore Collection is an exceptional way to document your wedding day since it combines audio to tell the story of your relationship, motion pictures remind you of the joyous atmosphere of your day and still images that capture powerful peaks of emotion.  The combination of video, audio and photographs is the most comprehensive way to document your wedding day.

We believe a wedding film is an excellent addition to your collection of beautiful photographs and will make your memories even more lively in years to come.  For four thousand nine hundred dollars we will provide all of the photography and cinematography for your wedding and deliver the Epoca album along with a DVD of your wedding film.  Contact us to inquire about availability of the Encore Collection for your wedding day.

The Cinematic Collection

Denver Wedding Photographer Pricing

If a wedding film alone is what you are looking for, we’ll document special moment throughout your wedding day on video.  We’ll capture interviews of you and your fiancé, your vows and guests’ speeches to include to audio storytelling that will accompany the visual features of your wedding.  After your wedding, we will produce and edit a video and select licensed music that matches your personality and the style of your day to complete your unique film.   For two thousand seven hundred dollars we will provide all of these services along with a custom, beautifully packaged DVD of your wedding film.  Click here for a free consultation about photography and video for your wedding day.


We offer three different photography collections with a range of prices and services to meet your needs and budget for your wedding day.

The Epoca Collection

We provide our two lead photographers and begin documenting the special moments of your wedding day by photographing the bride’s preparation and the groom’s preparation to ensure we cap­ture cherished exchanges between you and your loved ones. We also take this opportunity to photograph portraits of you once your hair, makeup and dress have all been beautifully arranged. We then proceed with you to the ceremony where we will photograph significant moments like the kiss but also capturing guest reactions as they admire the commitment you are about to make.  After the ceremony, we photograph you with your wedding party using lighting techniques and simple direction to bring out your most beautiful side.  The reception is a great opportuni­ty for us to photograph real and candid moments of you and your guests; moments that you’ll admire for years to come.

Colorado Wedding Photography PricesAfter your wedding, we’ll select your most amazing images and design your personal album layout to be printed in a high-quality Epoca album. For three thousand one hundred dollars we’ll provide all of the photographic coverage and an Epoca album.  Epoca is known for producing hand-made wedding albums with meticulous craftsmanship.  Your album will be bound and printed on thick, superior-grade photographic paper with fifteen spreads. We design the album on a continuous page binding system that allows your pages to lay flat so your most stunning images can be enlarged to a breathtaking size.  This is all in addition to a pre-arranged engagement shoot for you and your fiancé.  Contact us for a free consultation and to inquire about availability of the Epoca Collection for your wedding day.

The Celebrated Collection

We provide two photographers and begin coverage of your wedding with the preparation of the bride and groom.  We provide similar coverage to the Epoca Collection though if you prefer a simpler album, we will design a ten by ten Floricolor album with eight spreads featuring your best wedding day images. Your Floricolor album will be designed with a personalized hard cover and printed on thick photographic paper. The pages of this album also lay flat to allow an expanded photo layout.  For two thousand three hundred fifty dollars we provide complete photographic cover­age of your wedding day and deliver a twelve-page Floricolor album.  To inquire about availability of the Celebrated Collection for your wedding day click here.

The Essential Collection

We understand the cost of your wedding can quickly add up, which is why we offer a collection to make your planning simple. For one thousand four hundred dollars, we’ll provide a photogra­pher for six hours of continuous coverage for your wedding day. As always, we will take special care to capture the significant moments of your wedding.  You can always decide later if you would like to add an engagement shoot or album to your collection.  Contact us to inquire about availability of the Essential Collection for your wedding day.