Denver Street Pictures

Denver Street Photography

Pictures of the Mile High City with a Unique Perspective

I love photographing the streets of Denver in ways people have never seen before.  As photographers we always want our pictures to arouse the viewer. To do this, it’s important to remember great photography is not about what you see.  It’s about how you see it. 

Denver Street Photography

A man walks through the Cherry Creek in downtown Denver during a biology experiment by University of Colorado Denver students. #denverstreetphotography #denverphotojournalist

What I love about street photography is that it forces the photographer to observe a scene with a fresh prospective.  I may have passed by the same block a hundred times before, however, if I go back to that street with the purpose of creating an intriguing picture, I’ll start to observe details I wouldn’t have noticed before.  It could be a reflection in a window, a man holding a cat or a kid playing in the shadow of a statue.  Then, when the moment is right -when a smile opens up, or a tall lady with a giant hat enters the scene- there’s the opportunity to create a captivating picture, one that will never exist again.

Street Photography of Denver

Opening day at Coors Field in Downtown Denver. #denverstreetphotography #denverphotojournalist

I started shooting street photography out of frustration.  It was at a time when I was spending so many hours on marketing and the business side of photography that I was missing out on being a photographer.

One day, I decided to grab my camera and with only a general idea of where I was going, I hit the streets of Denver.

Denver Street Photography

A man carrying a cat passes by another man dressed as a chicken during the First Friday Art Walk on the Art District on Santa Fe in Denver. #denverstreetphotography #denverphotojournalist

Street photography is great because it forces you to use limited resources to create a unique photo.  There’s no sporting event, no celebrities, no father of the bride tearing up at the site of his youngest daughter moments before she walks down the aisle. It’s just you, your camera and whatever happens on the streets.

Denver Street Pictures

The reflection of a pedestrian reading a restaurant menu is seen in multiple windows on Larimer Square in Denver. #denverstreetphotography #denverphotojournalist

Denver, like most cities is a great place for street photography.  But what’s ideal about Denver is that it has all the activity of a big city without the overwhelming rush of larger cities.  In many ways, Denver has more of a small-town feel.  Denver is easy to get around in and the people are warm and friendly, making Denver ideal for street photography.


Denver Street Photo

Serving up at the First Friday Art Walk on the Art District on Santa Fe in Denver. #denverstreetphotography #denverphotojournalist


Pictures of Denver Streets

Break-time for construction worker outside the Brown Palace in downtown Denver. #denverstreetphotography #denverphotojournalist


Pictures of Denver Streets

A man dressed as a chicken promoting a local restaurant passes down 8th Avenue in Denver.#denverstreetphotography #denverphotojournalist

Share your experiences of street photography in Denver or anywhere around the world by commenting below.  Be sure to include a photo of your work.

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