Beautiful Beaver Creek Wedding Video

Christie and Adam could not have picked a more beautiful setting to host their wedding than Beaver Creek, Colorado and at just the right time. In late September, snow had yet to cover the ground, the aspens were starting to turn to gold and the sun was still warming the air.

Up in her Park Hyatt room, Christie sipped on Champagne with her bridesmaids in no rush to get into her dress. In fact, Christie had two dresses for this evening. “Two dresses because its fun,” she said.

“Fun” is a great way to describe the vibe of their wedding. In addition to a quartet to entertain guests during cocktail hour, Christie and Adam lined up a band for the reception and then a DJ to keep them dancing into late night.

If you like happy weddings and gorgeous scenery then Christie and Adam’s wedding video will make you smile.

In this video, 267 photos, shot from the edge of a ski slope, were seamed together to create a time lapse of the earliest hours of the morning. The glow of the sun radiates above the mountains and presses up against the clouds— first pink, then orange, yellow and blue.

The sunrise is just the beginning of the stunning imagery of this film. It only gets better. Watch as the smiles on Christie and Adam’s faces widen and of course, to find out which one of her dresses is your favorite…


It was fun partnering again with Matt Brunk of BrunkMedia to produce this wedding video.

Music by Troy Anderson from The Music Bed.

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