About Elati Photography

What we love about photography & what makes our work special

Elati Wedding Photography is based out of Denver, Colorado and produces high-quality images and video to document the story of your special day so your significant moments may be viewed for generations to come.

Our photos can best be described as natural, edgy and fun“They did an incredible job and got some very creative and stunning photos that wouldn’t have even crossed my mind,” said Sara W. of her engagement shoot.

Our cinematography is uniquely styled and edited to create wedding films that leave brides and grooms overjoyed. “By the time we saw the video I could not thank Kevin and Elati enough,”  said newlywed Adam S.

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What We Believe

About Elati Photographers, Denver

We believe the most exciting of subjects to photograph is undoubtedly the human being.   We believe individuals are most photogenic as they exist naturally.  We anticipate significant moments before they occur in order to capture passionate expressions that make a photo extraordinary.

Nothing is more intriguing than seeing a picture that makes you stop and wonder what caused the emotion in the individual’s face.  Whether it be joy, sadness or surprise, as viewers, we’ll pause and examine the photo, conjuring up all the scenarios in the setting that could’ve caused such an intense look on the face of the subject.  We’ll talk about the photo in the present tense –“What’s making her feel that way?”- as if the moment continues on.  We do this because we relate to the person in the picture. We empathize.  We wonder.  We put ourselves in the mind of the subject and for an instant we’re there, in that moment.

Now imagine, you are the subject -its now twenty years later and you’re looking at the younger version of you on your wedding day.  What is it worth to see the emotion on your own face and experience the joy all over again?  This sensation is intensified when viewing a powerful photograph -creating powerful images is what we do.

We strive to master the arts of anticipation, patience and creativity.  We value these traits because they are necessary to produce photos that not only tell a story but also capture the reaction that occurs during a decisive moment.  This is a skill that we have worked hard to achieve. This is a skill that when successfully accomplished, instantly releases a flow of adrenaline and drives us to seek more amazing photos.

We are excited by the opportunity to create these everlasting memories with you.  We are thrilled to think about the emotion you will feel when seeing our photos and video from your wedding day for the first time and every time after.  Contact us to get started on photography and video plans for your wedding.

Our Commitment to You and Ourselves

Excellent customer service is a top priority for us.  We realize you have a lot going on while planning your wedding and we want to make your experiences with us as fun and stress free as possible.  When you have a question, whether by phone or email, we’ll always respond quickly.

On a personal level, we care about our photographic images and videos and always strive to maintain an outstanding portfolio.  We see your wedding as a wonderful opportunity to create great images. We want you to be a part of those images.  Contact us to see if we are available for your wedding date.

Our Photographers

Our photographers have years of experience and pride themselves on their work.  Steve  and Kevin are a father-in-law/son-in-law duo and have a great time working together and learning from one another.  When Kevin married Steve’s daughter in 2010, Steve photographed the engagement shoot -but of course not the wedding since that’s a time for family to have fun together.

About Elati Photographer, K Joseph Mohatt

Kevin brings experience as the photojournalist for KJM Photojournalism where he developed a passion for using photography to tell the stories of others. His background in photojournalism adds an essential element to wedding photography. Documenting people in real situations, with an emphasis on capturing decisive moments, is where Kevin thrives.

About Elati Photographer, Steve FrankSteve has over 30 years of experience as a photographer. He brings his skills and knowledge from running Door County Wedding Photography based out of Door County, WI. Now, Colorado is lucky to reap the benefits of his talents as a wedding photographer. Steve’s patience and attention to detail are just a couple of reasons why he creates outstanding images.
In addition to photography, both Steve and Kevin find joy in working with brides and their families as they lead up to their special day. It is their pleasure to capture the joy on couples’ faces and know that they can view those moments for the rest of their lives.

Enough about us, contact us now to schedule a time to discuss photography and cinematography for your wedding day.