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5 Secrets to Natural Looking Poses

How to look your best in your wedding photos

Great wedding photography captures the essence of your big day. Upon viewing your photos weeks, months and even years after your marriage, you should be transported back and reminded how you felt on one of the most important days of your life.

If you felt happy and relaxed while exchanging your vows, which is how we’d all ideally like to feel, that will come across in the images. If however, you felt nervous or uncomfortable, perhaps simply because you were worried about posing for the shots, that will also be apparent. If you want to look your best, read on to find out our photographer’s secrets to natural looking poses.


The more relaxed you are and the more you genuinely enjoying the day, the more your inner and outer Bride and Mombeauty will shine through in your pictures. Nerves are natural, but you can work through them by remembering how much you deserve this day. Feel confident knowing your family and friends all came together because they care about you (give yourself a stern pep-talk if you have to). The biggest favor you can do in terms of your wedding photos is enjoy every moment.

Here’s a photo of a bride and her mom that was set up for them.  The mom was posed on the chair behind the bride but because they were so relaxed and having fun together, the picture looks completely natural.


Good Posture

Good posture may sound obvious but it’s something we often forget about.  This is hugely important since bad posture can transform supermodels into trolls before our very eyes. The simple action of straightening your spine and relaxing your shoulders will naturally enhance your photos. Your bridal gown or tailored suit will hang better and you’ll present a better-looking version of yourself to the camera. Another trick is to pretend like you have a suction cup on the top of your head, gently pulling up your head. This technique may sound unusually but even just a subtle stretch of the neck will make a huge difference in helping to define your face from the rest of your body.

Do What You Normally Do

Winter Wedding Engagment PicturesHow do you naturally touch one another? Do you hold hands or wrap your arms around one another? Whatever you do together naturally will be the pose in which you’ll be most at ease. Before your engagement shoot, make a note of how you sit together in front of the television, or how you touch physically when you walk down the street together. Most wedding photographers will welcome a list of suggested poses. It’s in our interest to capture you looking as radiant as possible!


Know a Few Poses

There are a few classic poses that most photographers will ask you to try. If you know them you can practice them:Chinese__Wedding_Couple

  • We’re very fond of the “almost kiss”. The anticipation of a kiss is always more thrilling than the actual kiss (which can be messy and misdirected)
  • Standing face to face, forehead to forehead, or sometimes back to back.
  • Standing or sitting side by side
  • Bride in front of the groom
  • The groom dipping or carrying the bride

It’s also worth knowing that standing at an angle to the camera can be flattering. Hips can be widened if you stand squarely facing the camera.


Boulder_Colorado_Elati_Wedding_Photography-A&R-_MG_6348The way you look at one another will reveal what you’re feeling. The camera sees everything! Whether the look is provocative or playful, the appearance of emotion is what makes a great image. You might be at a distance pulling faces at each other, or intimately positioned, gazing intently into one another’s eyes. You might both be looking into or away from the camera. Check yourselves out in a mirror. There’s no harm in being prepared.

One tip: don’t be afraid to whisper a little something in your lover’s ear to elicit a reaction.  It could be something sensual or it could be humorous.  The idea is to bring out a reaction in your husband or wife’s face that highlights your connection as a couple.  That look could be one of happiness or intensity. Play around and see what happens.  And don’t worry, nobody’s listening.  Whatever you say will be kept between the two of you.


Check out our portfolio for more examples of natural looking poses.  To find out more about the Colorado based Elati Photographer K. Joseph Mohatt or to have an informal chat about your wedding photography requirements, please contact us or call 720-460-0668.