5 Great Colorado Locations to Plan A Wedding

We’ve highlighted a few of Colorado’s signature settings to get married

Garden of the Gods Club

  • Maximum Guest Capacity: 250
  • Square Footage: up to 2,800 square feet depending on venue space chosen
  • Location: Colorado Springs
  • Distance from Denver International Airport: 85 miles
  • Description:  As a registered National Landmark and one of Colorado’s most iconic settings, Garden of the Gods is a great place to start your venue search.  Garden of the Gods Wedding Venue The park, with its unique rock formations that protrude abruptly out of the ground, is an absolute must-see for anyone visiting Colorado for the first time.  Weddings are hosted in the Garden of the God’s Club, which at one time was available for members only.  The club has since opened up for all interested parties to hold weddings.  Hosting your wedding at Garden of the Gods would be a special treat for all eyes in attendance.


Denver Clock Tower

  • Denver Clock Tower Wedding VenueMaximum Guest Capacity: 150
  • Location: Downtown Denver at 16th Street Mall and Arapahoe Street
  • Distance from Denver International Airport: 25 miles
  • Description: Inside and out, the Clock Tower is one of Denver’s most striking venues and will give your wedding guests a great opportunity to experience the city’s past and present.  Sitting in the heart of downtown Denver, the Clock Tower features stunning 360-degree views of the skyline and the mountains.  This venue is full of character with a spiral staircase swirling up the center of your event and first-hand looks at the inner workings of the four large clocks.  Its intimate setting makes for a romantic evening event however, you’ll have to limit your guest list to less than 150. The event space occupies the top five floors of the tower, though keep in mind the area is narrow and may require spreading your guests out amongst the various floors.


Crooked Willow Farms

  • Maximum Guest Capacity: Up to 2,800 depending on venue space chosen (Note: events beyond 200 guests incur a $1,000 fee)
  • Location: Larkspur, Colorado
  • Distance from Denver International Airport: 61 miles
  • Description:  Crooked Willow Farms is classically Western and not just for show.  In addition the event venue, Crooked Willow is an actual working horse ranch featuring competition-jumping horses.  The setting however is far from rustic.  The grounds are kept in pristine condition with numerous trees and flowers adding color throughout the surroundings.  To give you an idea of the style of Crooked Willow, they’ve transformed stables into a classy venue hall rich in refinished dark wood creating a unique mood in an equally unique location. Though you better have a healthy budget for your wedding.  Booking Crooked Willow Farms on a Saturday night will cost you roughly $12,000.


Red Rocks

  • Maximum Guest Capacity & Square footage: Red Rocks has five reception halls to choose from
 The Rock Room  3,600  10’  200  250
 Southwest Heart of the Rock Theatre  2,250  15’  160  200
 Ship Rock Grille  1,818  15’  75  130
 Upper Terrace  24,000  Outdoors  1,000  2,000
 Trading Post  2,200  Outdoors  100  225
  • Location: Morrison, Colorado
  • Distance from Denver International Airport: 33 milesRed Rocks Colorado Wedding Venue
  • Description: If you know Colorado, you know Red Rocks.  In addition to being a great venue for concerts featuring some of the world’s most renowned musicians, Red Rocks is an excellent location for a wedding.  It’s signature rock formations, highlighted by two colossal boulders that rise up in parallel out of the ground, are not only amazing to view but will guarantee pictures of your wedding that clearly say “Colorado”.  Legend has it that Red Rocks was discovered by a Denver opera singer who would practice between the boulders because the natural theater they created provided a perfect acoustic setting.


Donovan Pavilion

  • Maximum Guest Capacity: 250
  • Square Footage: 5,200
  • Location: Vail, Colorado
  • Distance from Denver International Airport: 122 miles
  • Description:  If you’re looking for a mountain wedding with a cabin feel but don’t want to subject your guests to a rustic environment then the Donovan Pavilion in Vail is an excellent choice.  The Donovan Pavilion is a large lodge built of timber and stone, surrounded by open spaces.  The lodge features a 3,000 square-foot terrace overlooking Gore Creek.  The Donovan Pavilion offers the opportunity to host both your wedding ceremony and reception at one location.  The pavilion conveniently provides on-site services with staff that can assist in planning your wedding.  This venue offers flexibility for a range of needs including the option to bring in outside food and usage of the kitchen for meal preparation.  Though Donovan Pavilion is nestled in the mountains of Colorado, make no mistake, this venue provides pure elegance featuring etched glass windows and wrought iron chandeliers all with an amazing view of the landscape.   You’ll want to step outside and take advantage of the creek-side fire pit as well.

Do you have a favorite place in Colorado?  Share it with us by leaving a comment below.

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