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3 Considerations When Selecting a Wedding Photography Package

When choosing a wedding photographer, price and quality are certainly major factors to consider. However, it’s also important to understand all the elements that make up the photography package. After reading this article, you will be able to identify what’s a must-have and what may not be of value to you.

Lets assume you’ve already narrowed your search down to a handful of photographers you like and who are within your budget. Of those options, don’t assume you should just choose the most affordable package. We’ve put together a list of the key elements to consider when comparing different wedding photography packages.

Here are three important features to consider when choosing the right photography package for your wedding day.


Who: Be sure to confirm who will be photographing your wedding; it may not be the person you’re speaking to. Some wedding photography businesses employ associate photographers. Find out if a lead photographer or if an associate photographer will be shooting your wedding. If it’s an associate, ask to see that specific photographer’s portfolio and make sure you’re not paying the full price of a lead photographer.

How Many: When comparing prices, look to see if the packages include more than one photographer. Many wedding photographers work in teams or enlist a second shooter to get complete coverage. This is important if, for example, you want pictures of the groom getting ready or a shot of you and your father alone just moments before you walk down the aisle (while the other photographer shoots the bridal party approaching the altar) or just in general having more ‘behind the scenes’ photos. Having two photographers means you’ll have more pictures of special moments throughout your wedding. If capturing these moments isn’t a priority for you then you can save some money going with a package that includes only one photographer.

How Long: A wedding photographer’s prices can vary based on the hours of coverage included in the packages. This is partially due to the amount of work required on the day of your wedding but has more to do with the amount of post processing required. For example, 12 hours of coverage will yield many more pictures to process than eight hours of coverage. More pictures means more work after the wedding.

Take a look at the timeline for your wedding day and decide if you need a complete full day of coverage. If you don’t need a full day of coverage, save yourself some money and go with a six or eight-hour package.


Before deciding on a wedding photography package, make sure the details clearly state what you’re getting. Some wedding photography packages include an album or a print package. Other packages require you purchase prints or an album separately.

Look to see if digital files are included as well. Not all wedding photographers hand over the files, and that’s OK if you feel you mainly just want the prints. Be sure to determine what end product you want and then confirm the package includes it.

Engagement Shoot

These days, engagement shoots are common however most wedding photography packages don’t include them. More often, the engagement shoot is an add-on that you have to pay extra for. If the shoot is included, it’s a great opportunity to have professional-quality pictures as a couple before your marriage. Years from now, these pictures will elicit treasured memories. Therefore, having engagement photos are absolutely worth it if included.

However, if the engagement shoot is not included in the package, keep in mind you’ll need to budget additional money in order to book one.

Just remember, when choosing a wedding photography package, you’re decision should not end at the lowest priced photographer with good pictures. Go through each package and determine if it meets your needs for coverage, deliverables and an engagement shoot. Then make your decision and be confident you’ve made the right one.

K. Joseph Mohatt is a wedding photographer in Denver and the owner of Elati Photography.   Contact K. Joseph Mohatt today to discuss your wedding day plans and needs.