• wedding-in-colorado

    5 Great Locations to Plan Your Wedding

    To help you plan your wedding, we ve picked out and reviewd five of Colorado’s most beautiful and iconic locations to host your big day.

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  • wedding-in-colorado-mountains

    Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Venue

    Deciding on a location for your wedding is one of the more important decisions you’ll make since many other details will revolve around your…

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  • wedding-by-the-lake

    How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

    A guide to finding the right photographer for your tastes and budget: If you’ve recently engaged to marry you have plenty of big…

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  • wedding-in-nature-photograph

    Styles of Wedding Photography

    The basics of wedding photography If you’re unsure what style of wedding photography you favor (or even had no idea there were different styles of wedding photography!) here…

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  • Beautiful Beaver Creek Wedding Video

    Christie and Adam could not have picked a more beautiful setting to host their wedding than Beaver Creek, Colorado and at just the right time. In late September,…

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  • emotional-wedding-photograph

    Candid & Genuine Wedding Moments

    Good photographers capture pretty scenes. Great photographers capture emotion. Great wedding photography is more than just pictures of elegant dresses and beautiful backdrops, it’s about candid, intimate and…

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